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When you select [exact matching], you can use * as a wild card in your query.
When you search Taxonomy name containing *, in order to distinguish * from a wild card, please input \*.
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TXSearch is a retrieval system for a Taxonomy Database which was unified by DDBJ, GenBank and EMBL , which is developed by DDBJ. This should be helpful as a reference of taxonomic names when you submit nucleotide sequences to DDBJ.

For construction of the nucleotide database, it is important to manage the organism names for the data and also necessary to unify the diverse names of the organisms. The taxonomy database is used as the reference database for searching the unified taxonomy names.
The primary purpose of the taxonomy database is unifying the organism names. Consequently, the taxonomy database is not an authoritative source for nomenclature or classification. Please refer to this link for description of the taxonomy database.
A taxonomic name may differ from the submitter's proposal or widely used taxonomic name because only the organism name in the taxonomy database which is managed by GenBank can be used for the entry.

You can retrieve taxonomic information which include specified taxonomic name or ID number, up to the maximum number as you specified in "Max. number of result".
Please refer to the HELP menu for details. Should you have any questions, please send your message from "Contact us"(please select "Web Support" from item box).

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